X300 Smart Portable Speaker & Projector

A 2-in-1 speaker projector for all your entertainment needs. Built-in battery for streaming on the go. Now on Amazon for $949!

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  • Modern Digital in a Vintage Hi-Fi Design

    A fusion of design aesthetics and technology functionalities, X300 provides convenient and user-friendly experiences for modern consumers.

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Customized Harman Kardon Speakers

X300’s custom-designed Harman Kardon speakers deliver a new standard in portable projector sound quality.Get more vibrant treble, balanced mids, and deeper bass for a crisp, three-dimensional audio experience above conventional projectors.

Full HD 1080p Projector

Don’t limit your viewing, listening, or gaming experience to just your living room. X300 delivers full HD 1080p projection in stunning 100" imagery on any surface, in any angle.