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5 Benefits of Projectors for Home Entertainment

When it comes to home entertainments, TV is usually the default option. The thing is, projectors have some benefits that make home entertainments more enjoyable! Here are 5 benefits about projectors:

#1. Large Screen for an Immersive Experience

The most common TV size is 55" or 65". The screen sizes are fixed that you can't adjust after purchase. But with a projector, you can easily enjoy up to 100" or even bigger for a true immersive visual experience. Plus, the screen size of a projector is adjustable. You can customize the size as you wish.

#2. Breaking Space Limitations

Projectors can be set up anywhere, as long as there is a surface and power supply (or event not needed for projectors with built-in batteries!) This means you can use a projector in you living room, bedroom, backyard, and more! Additionally, you can event project a screen on the ceiling.

#3. A Perfect Home Decoration

Projectors can be perfect home decorations when not in use. Unlike TVs that are simply a black box on the wall, projectors can fit into your house's interior design and show your personal style!

#4. Great Audio, too!

Some projectors have great built-in speakers that not only save you time looking for external speakers, but also provides you with mesmerizing audio experiences 🎶 What's more? when you're not watching any videos on your projector, you can enjoy it as a bluetooth speaker 🤩

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#5. Comfort for Your Eyes

Do you have little kids at home and you worry about their eyesight? In contrast to televisions that use emitted light, projectors reflects light. This makes our eyes more comfortable looking at projected images. In addition, the larger screen size by projectors create less strain to our eyes.