Exploring What’s Possible

NOMVDIC is a brand founded by a group of people with the spirit of exploration. Everything we do is defined by the undefined – that there’s more to entertainment than the four corners of every living space. We created NOMVDIC for you who seek more.

Experiencing Entertainment Effortlessly

We believe that we shouldn’t be limited by the environments we live in. The same goes for your home entertainment. You deserve to get lost in the sound without losing your mind to a bunch of wires. You deserve a big-screen experience from the comfort of your home, lounging on your couch or lying on your bed.

Home entertainment can be more than just a pair of speakers. Open the door to endless possibilities.

We’re NOMVDIC. Here’s the key.

Breaking Boundaries Together

We love challenges, and we’re experts at “re-thinking the way.” NOMVDIC is full of imaginative people whose passion is to bring entertainment to the next level. Why listen through your earphones when you can share them with friends at the party? Why watch that new movie on your phone when you can project it on any surface for your whole family to see? And why stay at home when you can take entertainment everywhere, anytime?

Go ahead. Live your best life to the fullest. NOMVDIC’s got your entertainment covered.

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