5 Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Ideas for 2023

5 Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Ideas for 2023

Each year, we all go about the usual Thanksgiving traditions. It’s a time to gather with loved ones and celebrate all that we're grateful for. But for some people, the traditional Thanksgiving feast just doesn't appeal. That's where non-traditional Thanksgiving ideas come in! 


Here are five ideas for a Thanksgiving celebration that's anything but ordinary: 

1. Themed Dinner

Instead of the same old turkey and stuffing, why not throw a themed dinner party? This is a great way to try something new. It is also more challenging and fun preparing for one since all the details will make your evening a night to remember.

    2. Outdoor Meal

    If the weather is nice, why not take your Thanksgiving celebration outdoors? You can grill burgers and hot dogs, or roast a turkey or ham over an open fire. If you have a portable projector, you can even watch movies under the stars. 


    Here are a few tips for hosting an outdoor Thanksgiving meal: 


    • If you're roasting a turkey or ham, make sure to have a sturdy grill or roasting rack. Set up a food table with all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, such as mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. 
    • Don't forget the drinks! Set up a cooler with ice and drinks, such as soda, water, and beer. 
    • If you want to create an entertaining area such as a outdoor movie party, remembert to choose a portable projector with built-in battery and speakers to make sure the setup is easy. 


    Learn about how to choose an ideal portable projector for outdoor movie night. 


    3. A Movie Marathon at Home

    If you're looking for a more relaxed Thanksgiving celebration, why not have a movie marathon at home? You can curl up on the couch with your family and watch all your favorite Thanksgiving movies. 


    Here are a few tips for hosting a movie marathon at home: 


    • Make sure to have a comfortable place to sit and plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. 
    • Set up a projector and screen, or simply watch the movies on your TV. 
    • Make a list of movies ahead of time so you can vote on which ones to watch. 
    • Take breaks throughout the day to eat, drink, and stretch. 

    A family watching adverture movie with the P2000 4k triple laser projector at home during Thanksgiving

    Features to look for when throwing a movie night party 

    Whether you are throwing a movie marathon party indoor or outdoors, here are some common features of a movie proejctor that you should look at:


    A 4K/1080p resolution is definitely ideal for clear and crisp images. 


    Usually people celebrate their Thanksgiving in the evening, so the ambient light dosn not really matters, but if you want to project your images in a bright environment, we recommend you to choose a projector with brightness over 2000 ANSI lumens. 

    Built-In Speakers.

    Built-in speakers with high quality sound can save you a lot on external speakers and make the setup much more easier. 

    Throw Ratio of a Projector.

    The throw distance is the distance between the projector and the screen. Make sure to choose a projector with a throw distance that is compatible with your room size. 

    Easy Setup.

    With easty setup features such as auto focus or auto keystone correction, you can make the settings quicker. 


      Here you can also find our guide to building a perfect home theater. 

      4. Cocktail Party

      If you're looking for a more sophisticated Thanksgiving celebration, why not throw a cocktail party? You can mix up your favorite cocktails and serve up appetizers such as mini quiches, meatballs, and shrimp cocktail. 

      Additionally, you can have a variety of appetizers on hand, and set up a comfortable area with décor or ambient lights using a projector for your guests to sit and mingle. 

      Why not try using a projector as decoration? Here are some ways you can use a projector for decoration while throwing a cocktail party:

      Project ambient patterns or images onto your walls or ceiling.

      This can create a relaxing and calming ambiance, or a more lively and festive mood, depending on the patterns and colors you choose.

      Display artwork or photography.

      You can use your projector to showcase your own artwork or photography and share memories with your loved ones. This can add a personal touch to your living room and make the party more fun.

      Play music through your projector.

      You can project music videos onto your walls or ceiling to create a fun and immersive atmosphere, with built-in speaker, all you need is a mini projector.


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      5. Friendsgiving  

      If you can't be with your family on Thanksgiving, why not have a Friendsgiving? This is a great way to celebrate with your closest friends and enjoy a delicious meal together.  

      Have a potluck dinner where everyone brings a dish to share, set up a table and chairs in a comfortable area, and start watching your favorite shows or play video games on a big screen!  

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      Friends watching movie at home using NOMVDIC 4k projector to celebrate a holiday

      No matter which non-traditional Thanksgiving idea you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the company of your loved ones.