A person placing the ultra short throw 4K projector P2000 in front of the wall, on a cabinet

Why You Need to Upgrade to a 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

In a world where visual media is king, having the best possible setup at home to watch movies, play games, or display art is essential for the enthusiast. The answer to achieving this pinnacle of visual glory may just lie in upgrading to a 4K ultra short throw projector. But why should you consider this upgrade? And once you do, where do you find 4K content, and how do you properly set up your new gadget? This article delves into these questions and provides a top recommendation for you. 


Why You Should Upgrade to a 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector: The Benefits 


If you're on the fence about upgrading, consider the transformative benefits of a 4K ultra short throw projector. A native 4K projector, as opposed to upscaled 4k projector, offers a staggering 8 million pixels of resolution, ensuring that every frame is a window to a world of crystal-clear detail. It offers 3840x2160 pixel display, which means the picture is much crisper and more vibrant, comparing to the high definition (HD) which uses a 1920x1080. 


In terms of "ultra short throw", it refers to the projector's ability to cast a large image from a very short distance, making it ideal for small spaces and reducing the hassle of long cable runs. This capability also means that shadows on the screen are practically eliminated, as you don't need to be between the projector and the screen to interact with it, a boon for presentations or interactive gaming. 


Furthermore, 4K projectors with 3D support take immersive viewing to another level. By supporting high-resolution 3D content, they offer a depth of field and level of detail that can rival any cinematic experience.   


Where Do I Find 4K Content?  

With your true 4K projector set up, the next question is: where do you find content that meets this high standard? Thankfully, 4K content is becoming more widespread. Many streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Amazon, or Disney+, now offer 4K or even 8K options, and physical media like Ultra HD Blu-ray discs are readily available. 


Gaming consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X also support 4K output, ensuring that your gaming experiences are as sharp and detailed as possible. Plus, as more filmmakers and game developers create in 4K, you can expect this content to become even more ubiquitous. 


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How Do I Place a 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector? 

Placement is key to getting the most out of your 4K projector, and ultra short throw models require just a few inches from the wall or screen to project a large image. Take the recommended P2000UST-RGB triple laser TV projector for example, with its 0.22:1 ultra short throw, you can project an image up to 100-inch with the projector placing only 6.7 inches from the wll. This also means you can place the projector on a media console or a cabinet just below where the image will be displayed, reducing the need for ceiling mounts or back-of-room placement. 


A person placing the ultra short throw 4K projector P2000 in front of the wall, on a cabinet


You'll also want to ensure the projector is centered and the surface it's projecting onto is as flat and white as possible, or better yet, use a specialized projector screen designed for ultra short throw projectors, since normally, you would not move the ultra short projector very often. Make sure the image quality is set to perfect. This will maximize the incredible detail and vibrant colors that your 4K 3D projector is capable of producing. 


4K Ultra Short Throw Projector Recommendations: P2000UST-RGB 4K Triple Laser TV Projector 

When it comes to our recommendations, the P2000 stands out. This true 4K projector captures the essence of what modern projection should be. It offers a stunning 4K resolution coupled with a color-rich RGB laser light source, which provides brilliant colors and a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. 


Moreover, the P2000 is built with convenience in mind, featuring built-in 50W speakers customized by Harman/Kardon and plug-and-play capability by simply using the streaming devices such as Fire TV, which is perfect for those looking to set up quickly and without fuss. It also comes with a variety of connectivity options to support multiple devices and media sources. 


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