L500 - World's 1st Portable RGB Laser Projector

Gone are the days when it could only be a trade-off between high brightness and portability for projectors. The Nomvdic L500 is an innovative piece that will go beyond your expectations. Incorporating the advanced RGB laser technology in a futuristic, compact design, be ready to immerse in vibrant visuals with 100% Rec.2020 lifelike colors and 2,200 Lumens high brightness wherever you go. Plus the built-in Harman Kardon audio, automatic image adjustments, and wireless connectivity, a smarter lifestyle starts today.

Cutting-edge RGB Laser Technology

Unlike typical laser projectors which use a single blue laser light source passing through a colorwheel to reproduce different colors, the L500 adopts the advanced RGB laser technology. As indicated by the name, it is designed with three pure laser lights in red, green, and blue at core, and projects various colors from direct blendings of the three primary lights, offering purer and more dynamic visuals.

True-to-life Colors and Vibrant Visuals

By virtue of the leading RGB laser technology, the L500 boasts a 100% coverage of Rec.2020 color gamut (nearly 2X wider than that of Rec.709) for UHDTV-standard color performance and offers 2,200 Lumens high brightness for vibrant images anytime, day or night.

Professional Audio Customized by Harman Kardon

The L500's integrated speaker comes in customized hardware design and audio tuning by Harman Kardon, bringing crisp and clear sound whether you're watching movies, sport games, or sharing the memorable moments in life. It can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and used as a speaker for pure audio pleasure.

Engaging Experiences On-the-Go

Compact and light in a hand-held design, the L500 is ready to shine bright for delights anywhere you go. Memorable clips of your earlier outings by the dining table, thrilling playoffs in the backyard, or late night movies in bed. The freedom of choice is in your hands.

Clearly Focused, in an Instant

Adopting the advanced Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology for instant and accurate distance ranging on any surface, the L500 boasts instant auto focus capability, delivering clear and perfect visuals within seconds. 2X faster and higher accuracy than traditional auto focus technology.

Perfect Images from Any Angle, Automatically

No more restrictions on central positioning and manual image adjustments. With auto H/V keystone correction, the L500 ensures you get perfectly-shaped visuals no matter being placed on a side table or anywhere from above or below. 4 corner adjustment is also available for more delicate adjustments.

Wireless Content Sharing from Your Smart Devices

Thanks to the L500's embedded 5Ghz fast speed Wi-Fi connectivity, you can wirelessly cast or screen-mirror content from your smart devices at hand to an 100" big screen. Cable-free is a better match with your sleek lifestyle.

USB-C Direct Streaming & Charging

The USB Type-C connectivity offers a convenient twist for you to project content directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even Nintendo® Switch, while simultaneously charging the connected device - all through a single cable.